Sad Café - More gigs 2019!!

Sad Café, one of the primary live bands of the 70s and 80s return for gigs in 2019. Led by longtime members Ian Wilson, Dave Irving, and Des Tong and augmented by new lead vocalist Barry james, this is the band that brought you the great hits Everyday Hurts (#3 on the UK charts), My Oh My, Strange Little Girl, Nothing Left Toulouse and I’m in Love Again along with the big U.S. hits La-Di-Da and Run Home Girl.

Never able to replace their late lead vocalist Paul Young (also Mike and the Mechanics), they now press on to a new era with a great show which brings together the great hits of the past with the matured musicianship of the present and a new vocal sound.

New musicians include Dave Day lead guitar vox (Leo Sayer), Matte Steele keybds (Brand New Heavies),Neil Shawe Hulme saxes vox

2019 tour dates

  • 23 March - Cinnamon Club,Bowdon Rooms
  • 24 March - Cinnamon Club,Bowdon Rooms